What is the difference between a paragraph and an essay?


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The mid-term exam consists of two essay questions worth 10 points each. Each response should be no less than two paragraphs of 300-500 words EACH with clear topic sentences and supporting details or examples from parts I-III of our study. You can also draw from your class discussion forums and external readings. APA Documentation Style applies.

What is the difference between a paragraph and an essay?
*A paragraph is a short paper of 150 words or more. It usually consists of an opening point called a topic sentence followed by a series of specifics, in the form of sentences that support the point. * An essay is simply a paper consisting of several paragraphs (in this case 300-500 words) supporting your thesis statement (the main idea of paper). Your thesis statement should appear in the introductory paragraph, and should be developed in the supporting paragraphs that follow. A short concluding paragraph concludes the essay.


Even as Achebe works to educate his readers about African culture and to combat demeaning stereotypes about Africa, he does not present the Igbo society as ideal or perfect. The portrait of this culture on the eve of its \”falling apart\” in Part I of Things Fall Apart is complex, sometimes contradictory and critical. What aspects of pre-colonial Igbo culture does Achebe seem to question or criticize? How does Achebe use characters like Obierika, Okonkwo, and Nwoye to offer such social criticism of Igbo society? Please note: Unless your response clearly and consistently provides evidence of engagements with novel, your grade will be lowered accordingly.

Using Saine, Aidoo, & Hess “The Social Construction of Africa and Africans in the Western Media,” and Keim’s “How We Learn,” as your point of reference, discuss some of the myths and stereotypes popularly held about the continent of Africa and its people in the Western World? What has shaped this general attitude and mindset about Africa? What is your role as a budding scholar in dispelling these myths and stereotypes? Use specific reference to the readings in your response. Please note: Unless your response clearly and consistently provides evidence of engagements with the reading, your grade will be lowered accordingly.


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