What sorts of decisions are we making about college availability and affordability?


What sorts of decisions are we making about college availability and affordability? The cost of college has risen much faster than inflation for the past two decades – which may be one reason you’re here now instead of taking this course at S.M.U. (estimated $24,095/semester, not including housing, books, etc.) or Baylor ($20,369/semester).

President Obama thinks community college should be free. Not everybody thinks this is a good idea.

Business majors will learn all about the concept of “ROI” (return on investment), but it’s important for everybody to understand. What do you get out of something compared to what you put into it? College is about more than just money, but everybody should have an idea about their financial future.

Write an essay (like most essays in this class: 2 pages with about a 12 font, double spaced, with normal margins. Cite any sources you use in a simple list at the end) about the college plan you intend to follow (if you don’t have one yet, that’s ok. Make one up). Make sure you tell your reader:

1. Where you intend to go and what degree or certificate you intend to earn.

2. How much you think it will cost to earn that degree or certificate.

3. The starting salary typically earned with that degree or certificate.

4. What do you think our national public policy should be toward higher education and why? Should we pay for more college costs collectively? That means higher taxes, but lower tuition costs. If we do that, should we be more restrictive about what we, the taxpayer, will pay for (more engineering? less french literature and football?)?

Submit in Word. Cite your sources


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