What type of problems?Psychology of Adolecense- Puberty


Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length, single-spaced.
Papers will be graded as 0 or 50 or 100 points depending on how well you critique the article or resource and relate it to course content.
Use the D2L drop box to submit your response and include your full name on the paper.
For full credit, read entire question on D2L and provide response to all components.
For full credit, provide specific chapter content and personal examples and/or viewpoints.
For full credit, provide a reference page indicating any resources/references accessed.
If you do not earn full credit on your first paper, you may re-submit with required changes/additions by the end of semester due date, to earn additional credit.

Assignment Title: Puberty at Youth Center

Read the case description below and analyze each scenario by responding to the questions provided. Your paper should be 3-4 pages long, single-spaced.

You work at a middle school Youth Center and…
You have some concerns about a few of the kids:
Alicia, who is clearly going through puberty much earlier than others her age.
Karon, who is clearly going through puberty much later than others her age.
James, who is clearly going through puberty much earlier than others his age
T.J., who is clearly going through puberty much later than others his age.
You feel a little uneasy about these teens–why?

BASED ON THE RESEARCH—Analyze each case:

Are problems likely to develop?
Why/why not?
What type of problems?
How serious?
Any potential advantages for these teens?
What advice would you offer to the parents?
How can YOU help?

Book that needs to be referenced in the essay is: Adolescence by Laurence Steinberg 8th edition McGraw Hill Higher Education


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