What utility does knowledge have without the ability to make change?


What utility does knowledge have without the ability to make change? Your Final Project will consist of writing a proposal seeking funding from the Department of Justice to develop a program that addresses an issue that you have identified as worthy of implementation. Your proposal should consist of the following: 1. Cover Letter 2. Summary 3. Problem Statement 4. Literature Review/Related Research 5. Objectives 6. Procedure 7. Resources 8. Budget Structural Requirements  Length of paper: Though this is subjective, there will likely be at least 10 pages, not including title page, charts/tables, appendices, and references.  Font and font size: Times New Roman 12-point font  Number of references: minimum of 15 peer-reviewed articles  APA formatting: 6th edition For this Project, you will identify existing criminal justice policy institutes or agencies and consider how they affect policy. Proposal Details A. Cover letter (make a connection) a. Title page (make the title communicate something important) b. Abstract (write it as though reviewers read only this) B. PROBLEM STATEMENT Here is where you get the reader’s attention and give the reader a perspective on the whole project: Where are you going, and why it is important or interesting? A good way to do this is by asking a question (which your project will answer) or by stating your general hypotheses. Focus. Be clear about the part of the problem that your project will address. C. LITERATURE REVIEW/RELATED RESEARCH Here is where you get to show your scholarly competence. Be sure to include the most recent studies on the topic, including studies underway if you know of them. Explain, do not just cite, other studies. The point is to explain the choices made in your proposal. Be aware of literature in related disciplines (especially if reviewers might be aware of them). Demonstrate your awareness of alternative viewpoints. Be sure to include a detailed discussion of the historical roots of the issue that you have identified. D. OBJECTIVES Objectives translate the problem statement into specific, concrete, and achievable outcomes. Present each objective in one to two sentences in order of importance. State them as questions or as hypotheses (state directionally, if possible). Highlight objectives in some way so they stand out (put first in paragraph, bold, bullet, etc.). Objectives should flow from the problem statement and be fully addressed in the procedure section. E. PROCEDURE a. The procedure section describes your population or site, the design or strategies to be employed, instrumentation and data collection methods, and analysis procedures. It usually also includes a work plan and describes the expected end product and dissemination plans. b. Parallel structure (discussing objectives in the same order in which they were introduced in the objective section, for example) helps the reader follow your argument. This section gives reviewers an indication of how carefully and realistically you have planned and developed the project. If you find it difficult to write, you probably have not planned carefully enough. c. Part of this section is the work plan, which gives a time and task schedule for major project activities. Allow plenty of time for data collection and report preparation (as these are often underestimated). Discuss expected end products and dissemination plans. (What journals might you submit to for the publication of your results from studying your program?) F. RESOURCES In this section you should present your references in APA 6th Edition format. G. BUDGET Your budget translates your work plan into costs.


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