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what would you organize this exhibition as a curator? -why the curator from su gallery organize the exhibition like this?


Project description
1.i will attach the instruction sheet that explains how to write the exhibition review paper.
***Please read this sheet throughly!!*** please
2.i will also attach some photos from the exhibition
3.i will attach the exhibition pamphlet and catalogs.
4.REMEMBER THIS BELOW ( i wrote this after visiting the exhibition)
-what would you organize this exhibition as a curator?
-why the curator from su gallery organize the exhibition like this?
-as looking around exhibition, the wall texts for each paintings are too wordy and long
-the paintings from each section should be placed depending on themes or types of arts, but it has not.
-since the gallery is located inside college campus, the audience are mostly students- the exhibition-should be approachable to the audience.
-contain description of two work of art that you picked from exhibition (visual intuition) such as famous work of arts from the exhibition, for example picasso, miro..etc.
5.I will attach the sample example of exhibition review paper!you read this before write the paper, it will really help you to write.
if you have any questions let me know
Added on 27.09.2016 20:52
exhibition explanation text on the wall
First section of the exhibition
he path (way) on the exhibition ( the order starts on the entrance to the exit)
two paintings that i want you to mention from this exhibition.( i chose the picasso and miro)-i chose these on purpose because of they are famous one
the location that those two paintings are placed on the exhibition-picasso painting and miro paintings are placed in opposition to each other
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Revision set on 2016-10-01 12:12:53

This exhibitions include 92 prints and i chose two miro and picasso works from 92 prints..i will attach the explanation about the exhibition!


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