Who is Little Red Riding Hood?


Who is Little Red Riding Hood?

One of the major assignments given in other classes is looking at several key components of a concept and writing about these components. Most would call this type of essay a compare and contrast essay. Other names like “Pro vs. Cons” or “Different points of view” are known for this type of assignment. Regardless of the name, the main point is that you need to have a control of the information, or subject matter, in order for you to begin creating your argument around the topic. This sometimes may not be easy, since you may have to analyze two concepts that are extremely alike, or extremely different. It is your job as a writer to be able to identify the important aspects, analyze them and come up with a conclusion.

For this assignment, we will be using the different fairy tales of “The Little Red Riding Hood” in order to create an essay in which we explore how the similarities, or differences, between the tales give us a specific understanding on the time, place and society the tales is based on. In order to do this you will:

Pick two fairy tales and pick one of the following aspects for your essay.

  • Look into a character presented in the fairy tales. How does the character in the stories reflect the ideas and norms of the society the fairy tales were set in?
  • The endings of the fairy tales are very different and thus they tell us about the values and the job of the fairy tale. Explain how these endings show these ideas to the reader.

In order to complete this assignment you will have to have read all of the fairy tales, along with the introduction to the tales.

To receive full credit for this assignment you will need:

  • Green book with brainstorm, functional outline and a 5 paragraph essay
  • Three Peer Reviews
  • A final draft.


The essay needs to be 3-4 full pages long, following MLA style and with a works cited page. You need to have a minimum of 3 sources for your work cited page and remember Wikipedia does not count as an academic source. Final draft needs to be stapled, and attached should be the peer reviews. You may use a folder if you like or use a paper clip to keep your drafts together when you turn them in, along with your green book. If you have any questions, make sure ask me ASAP.


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