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Why is it necessary for some employers to monitor the location of its employees? Explain.


CityWatcher is a video surveillance company that is embedding RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips into the upper arms of volunteer employees to test a way to control access to a secure room where it stores government materials. This is the first known application to employees in the U.S. but the Mexican government has used them for access control in their Organized Crime Division. Of course, privacy and civil liberties issues are raised. RFID chips are inexpensive and cannot be lost. With any kind of security precaution, an employer needs to consider the costs and benefits of the procedure; the costs are not just monetary.

Questions for Discussion:

Why is it necessary for some employers to monitor the location of its employees? Explain.
Under what circumstances, if any, would you be willing to wear a RFID chip?
What would be some of the non-monetary costs of having employees wear a RFID chip?

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2) Remember to cite references if it is not your original thought or idea. You will lose points for that as well. I will be much stricter about this from now on.
3) Original posts must be 200 words or more for each question. Replies do not have to be as long, but must be substantive. You cannot reply with just one word or one sentence remarks.
4) Remember grammar! You are not texting your friends or writing on Facebook. Each post must be considered as a mini term paper. Grades will be reflected accordingly.
5) Don’t forget, you have to a reply to a fellow classmate’s response for each question.
6) From now on please make a separate post for each answer.


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