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Theory X and Theory Y

Please note that in order for you to get an A grade on this assignment, your paper has to address both the Content and Structure Assignment Expectations (see below).

As you read about Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y in the background materials, you might have wondered how it applies to your own organization. Now is your chance to find out!

Please watch the following video explaining Theory X and Theory Y:

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Assignment Expectations (Content)

Take the following free survey offered by

Total both scores – the management/situation score, and the personal preference score.

Then answer the following questions in an essay of 2-3 pages. In answering the questions, please make sure to use analysis, or to apply the XY Theories to facts in your own experiences.

Be sure to refer to relevant articles that you read in the background materials:

Q1: How do your two scores relate to your experience at work?

Q2: Is there anything in the work context that can change your personal score?

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