write one 2000-word report demonstrating your understandings of the links between multimodal literacy and cultural practices in positioning the ‘reader/viewer’.


The aim of this assignment is to develop your awareness and understanding of current theoretical perspectives and the links between multimodal literacy and cultural practices. In writing your report you will be looking closely at identifying inaccurate visual stereotypes and strengthened message analysis skills through critical questions about the representation of (e.g. gender) specific representations in popular culture.

You will need to include the following in your reflections:

Identify key literacy concepts currently in visual texts.

Discuss current theoretical perspectives in multi-modal literacy

Articulate and develop an understanding of visual literacy

Research by reading widely from the materials provided AND your own research. Marks will be given for complexity of reading and articulation of understandings

Accurately reference all research using APA 6

Highest Marks Awarded for:

Identification of literacy concepts: Highly relevant and appropriate key literary concepts from current media texts are Identified.

Discussion of theoretical perspectives

Understanding of visual literacy: Current theoretical perspectives in multi-modal literacy are analysed in depth, with strong connections to relevant literary concepts identified.

Understanding of visual literacy is highly developed and well-articulated, with appropriate references to current theoretical perspectives as evidence and justification for ideas and claims.

20-25 marks

Research: Wide range of highly relevant references drawn from course materials and personal research.

Expression and referencing: All research is accurately referenced using APA 6. Language is highly academic in style, and expression is fluent, articulate and error-free.

This is to be a reflection piece, so making links between multimodal literacy and cultural practices. At least 2 or 3 of references attached must be included. Thank you.


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