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Write this abstract as the one you would write for your Needs Assessment paper.


1. A Title/Cover Page: This page of the assignment will have your running head and page number, your title of the assignment, your name, and specific information necessary for any APA research paper. Make sure this page and every page is formatted with correct spacing, content positioning, type font, size of font, etc.

2. Abstract Page: Write this abstract as the one you would write for your Needs Assessment paper. It is very important that you read the APA manual to understand what an abstract is supposed to be. Make sure it is in the correct tense and correct format. You will not be able to give your reader your final findings as indicated in number 3 in the instructions for the Needs Assessment paper, yet you can write the rest of the abstract with a fair amount of accuracy. Remember, this paper is an “exercise” to get a head start, demonstrate your ability to develop a good APA formatted paper, and receive feedback on this before you submit the other 2 writing assignments for the course.

3. Paper Body Page: This page will consist of 2 basic components. The first will be a brief introduction paragraph. Introduce the Needs Assessment Paper. Even though you have not done a lot of reading or research yet, this should be fairly easy to do. The second component is a correctly formatted demonstration of all 5 APA level headings. You will need to use each heading with a single sentence telling your instructor which level it is. See the example of the first heading below.A level 1 heading is bold face font, centered and uses upper and lower case font.

4. Reference Page: Use your page 4 to demonstrate your ability to cite references correctly. You will need to format the page while citing a website/internet article, a research article, book, the Bible, and an eBook. Use care to make sure all spacing, capitals, abbreviations, etc. are done according to APA.


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