Project description
Jack Daniels is arrested for disorderly conduct after waking up an entire neighborhood with his rendition of “Show Me the Way to Go Home” early one Sunday morning. The judge asks him whether he can afford an attorney, and Daniels says he will represent himself. He asks for an immediate trial so that he doesn’t have to spend any more time in jail, but the judge says he can’t convene a jury trial for a month. Jack then pleads guilty on the spot. He is sentenced to a fine of $100 and one weekend in jail. Disorderly conduct is classified as a violation with a maximum penalty of $250 and 15 days in jail. Following his conviction, he appeals to an appellate court, claiming his Constitutional rights were violated by the judge. Is Jack correct? Why or why not?

Working with your same small group as previously set up, arrive at an agreed response or statement (approximately one page in length) which answers the above questions.

Explain your answer fully with reference to the facts and the relevant law as contained in your course readings.

Required TEXT:Scheb and Scheb. Criminal Law and Procedure. Wadsworth/Thomson Learning

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