Employment Relations in NZ reflection paper

Write a reflection. Reflection needs to contain both a summary of selected ideas from the reading, as well as your reflection on these selected ideas. You can consider questions such as: what ideas really interested you and why? What do you agree and/or disagree with and why? How do the idea(s) relate to your experiences? How may your experiences contest or extend the ideas? How can you challenge or question the ideas? How did you experience the process of reading this chapter? (Note: you don’t need to cover all these questions, and there may be other questions you prefer to address). Please adhere to the following:

• Summary is strictly 2 pages long. They can be hand written or typed, single line spacing is acceptable, font size must be 11. Proper body paragraphs are desirable.

Chapter 2 . from Rasmussen (2009). Employment Relations in New Zealand. File uploaded.

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