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In today’s world, where society is becoming increasingly dependent on information and having it be ubiquitous, people are in search of ways to access their information wherever they are. As mobile devices are steadily capturing a larger share of the computing device market, providing methods of utilizing user data is critical. On a similar note, Individuals are getting busier, and keeping track of their schedule is all the more important. Whether people are consciously aware of it or not, there is no easy way to schedule appointments, whether personal or business related. The problem becomes more and more complex as the number of individuals grows. People struggle in finding when all parties are simultaneously available.


This problem could be solved with a calendar application. While calendar apps are not a new concept, there is one main feature that would distinguish this app from all of the rest – a common availability finder. The calendar functions like all other calendars plus it is able to find the next opening for all individuals involved. Users can further tailor the results by providing criteria such as start / end dates, required duration of meeting, etc. This product will be available as a mobile app.


The Competitive Environment

a.Provide an overview of the industry that is represented most closely or related most strongly to your innovation

b.Describe the customer base: How large is the market? Describe the market (i.e., what are the customers like?).

c.Describe that industry with respect to Porter’s five competitive forces.

d.Which of the three competitive strategies are intended? (cost, differentiation, focus)

Sustaining the Competitive Advantage

a.Competitive advantages are highlighted, along with how they can be maintained.

b.Review the barriers you intend to construct (from the sustainability framework).

c.Point out critical success factors for this endeavor

d.Point out the likely risks in light of 6a and 6b.

e.Can these risks be better controlled, mitigated or avoided to improve the likelihood of sustainability or competitive advantage.

Use as many reference as you need to support your essay

No plagiarism allowed

Make sure you cite correctly


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