What is the Income Elasticity of demand for richemont and delta airlines gasoline?


Basically our project is based on comparing two companies from different industries.

And our choice of companies is Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, which is a public company in the luxury goods industry (sells premium jewellery, watches, leather goods, writing instruments, firearms, clothing and accessories) VS Delta airlines which is operates in the airline industry.

WE need to

Introduce the two companies and what this project will be about very brief introduction and then

• Assess and compare the market types of two major corporations ( the two industries and which market do they operate in, etc…)

• Determine the various key elasticity indicators of these companies and the goods they produce

• Use those questions answer them and explain why.

o What is the price elasticity of demand for luxury goods(richemont)? Is it elastic or inelastic? How about the market for airline? Compare elsaticty of demand for both.

o What is the Income Elasticity of demand for richemont and delta airlines gasoline? Which one has the higher elasticity?

o What is the cross price elasticity of demand between richemont and its competitors (mention one competitor)? Between delta airlines and virgin airlines.

o What is the Cross Price Elasticity between Richemont and Delta airlines?

o What other issues with regards to the social, political, labour or environmental practices of these two companies might you include that could impact your decision?

• Assess the market of each selected business to determine their competition, and any substitution or complement goods or services

• SWOT analysis for both companies

• Determine the relative value of each company, its potential future growth, and make recommendations as to whether one is a better investment than the other.

Then you need to Decide where to invest , in which company and what are the reasons and why you would invest in one rather than other.

Remember that your ultimate goal is two-fold:

o to provide the best evidence to support the choice of one company over the other as a place to invest; and

please use academic references as much as possible.


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