Current Issues in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure


Assignment 2:
To write a campaign plan that will take forward the issue that you highlighted in the briefing paper (assignment 1). This should include:

• An analysis of the context of the campaign
• A definition of the problem being addressed
• An analysis of the benefits of your campaign to you and wider society
• Statement of what you want to achieve the outcomes of the campaign to be (e.g. changes in behaviour, changes in policy, law)
• A choice and justification of campaigning actions you propose to take

All sections and content in the plan should be justified with reference to campaigning ‘good guides’, examples of good practice, advice and how to guides from knowledgeable organisations and authors.

The plan should be no more than 2000 wards and contain graphical material wherever possible. It has to be easy to read, persuasive and visually attractive to engage the reader. You may present this in either a Word, Publisher or PowerPoint document.

Marking Criteria:
• Depth of research and discussion on the context of the campaign the issue definition.
• Quality of the analysis of the benefits and outcomes of your campaign for key stakeholders and wider society.
• Logic and inventiveness and justification of your campaign plan
Both Assignments should be fully referenced in the text and with a full reference list at the end in the Harvard Referencing At this level one would expect a minimum of 15 references to books or academic papers and websites from recognised academic institutions, academic publishers, government departments or agencies, trade and lobby groups,. This is a follow up from a previous work done by you and I will upload as evidence.


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