Deep Dive

For your company, please identify
I.) With regard to your competitors, perform an analysis of the Market commonality & resource similarity your company shares with your main competitor (if you have a company you’ve created, then please create a real competitor to compare)
Explain how these serve to drive awareness, motivation and ability as it pertains to your Firm’s competitive behavior


1. Prerequisite to any competitive action
2. Extent your company recognizes the degree of mutual interdependence that results from market commonality and resource similarity


1. Your firm’s incentive to take action, or to respond to a competitor’s attack, as it relates to perceived gains and losses


1. Your Firm’s resources that allow competitive action and flexibility responsiveness

II.) For your company, describe your Diversification Strategy (Chapter 6)

Level and Type of Diversification

1. Low Level (Single, Dominant)
2. Moderate to High Diversification (Related Linked, Related Constrained)
3. Very High Levels of Diversification (Unrelated)

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