discusse\”how\” a manager achieves performance through the \”management process\”


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Go to https://ay15.moodle.umn.edu/course/view.php?id=14535 Read all the materials and linked under Module 6 (June 27- July 3) AND look for \”overview 06\” and \” business model generation\” USE ONLY THESE MATERIALS AS CITIATIONS (please don\’t use outsite sources)
Also read this summery: What doe
1.s a manager do and how are you influenced by what they do? From religious deities to the heads of state, to the heads of households, we discussed the verb \”management\” as well as the noun \”Management\”. It really boiled down to getting desired results with the resources available, or being effective and efficient. One could argue that all managers discussed had as much of a diverse set of desired results as they had available resources, as well as performance expectations. We also discovered that each and everyone of us is influenced by various types of management on multiple levels daily. Management is an important function!

2. Then, we discussed \”how\” a manager achieves performance through the \”management process\” which isn\’t necessarily a perfect process and it is often used without explicitly identifying it as an official \”process\” by most. Most managers don\’t use the buzz words of our text, nor do they label what they do as \”Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling\” in the formal sense.

3. A manager\’s ability to achieve desired results is often helped or hampered by the different \”environments\” within which they must function. Each and every industry or economic sector and manager have unique circumstances to consider when managing under an individual set of circumstances.

4. There are reasons that some managers and organizations do better than others. There are several factors that contribute to success and failure of managers and organizations. But, overall the organizations that do better share several factors, according to our readings. There are certain skills that are required of a manager. Consider what those skills and talents would be.

5. Then, it seems it all boils down again to providing some type of \”value\” to those who are expecting such from each and every organization. Providing value is a delicate dance between science and art. What type of role would a manager have in this?

And then, answer the following discussions questions:
Briefly address the role of manager in a generic business model. Then, take a stab at laying out an outline of the above summary narrative as if you were going to write a paper on the topics and/or interview a practicing manager. Provide relevant questions to be answered and points to be made.
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