Eurofreeze case study (Revision)

I would like you to do a revision to the work that has already been done. The work has 5 questions. Question 1 and 2 are ok, you need to do corrections on question 3, 4 and part 2 question 5

see below for the 5 questions, also, can be found on

1) A short summary of Eurofreeze’s strategic position at the start of the case.
2) Development of scoring criteria to assess each option
3) A table demonstrating how the scoring criteria are applied, with a rationale where possible.
4) A strategic statement for the option that you have selected.

Part 2 (30%)Question 5
In no more than 1 page, discuss to what extent Eurofreeze could adopt a non-prescriptive approach to strategy formulation.

The Corrections need to be done

You have developed scoring criteria (section 2) but in section 3 you need to apply the criteria to the five options in the case study that will be attached. (the table I have done only has A, B and C) – there should five from the case e.g. option 5 becoming the low cost producer. I am not sure why you have a selection criteria about merging with another company as I don’t think any of the options recommend this. You should look at each option and score it against your selection criteria e.g. does option 5 (low cost producer option) enable the company to be consistent with current branding?

Question 3 is a table no need to write just continue from the table I created.

Once again In question 3 – you need to use the selection criteria from question 2 to score the 5 options (from the case study) and then select the best option. So if you think a good selection criteria is “must not involve spending more than £5m” – you then have a table and apply that criteria to each option. Any that cost more than £5m will get a low score (doesn’t meet the criteria) and any that cost less than £5m will get a higher score (meets that criteria).

You take each selection criteria and use it to score the five options – then you add it up and decide, for example, that Option 5 Low Cost Producer is the best option. Then in Section 4 you say why that option is best and write a strategic statement describing it. The Strategic Statement is slide 12 and 13 in the slides I sent you.

Part 2 Question 5 To what extent could Eurofreeze adopt a non-prescriptive approach to strategy formulation.

This doesn’t look right at all. You need to go to the e-book, Richard Lynch Strategic Management chapter 11 or the slides from session 9 (

see attached Slides 15 to 22 talk about non prescriptive approaches – four are looked at in detail e.g.’ context 1 survive in a hostile market’. You need to discuss whether any of these approaches to strategy making would have worked in this situation and helped Eurofreeze to decide what to do (as an alternative to developing scoring criteria which is a very deliberate, classical, prescriptive approach).

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