Our Father Who Art in Heaven

Our Father Who Art in Heaven


Essay guidelines for the above titled paper:


  1. Search the Scriptures to find and compile significant Bible statements concerning God’s activity as creator and His activity as redeemer.


  1. Find Biblical passages (not just single verses) in the various sections of each testament that discuss God’s activity as creator.


  1. There should be passages from the Torah, the prophets, (Psalms, etc.), the Gospels, and Paul’s letters.


  1. Give a brief summary of what each passage says. Use commentaries to embellish and clarify your work.


  1. Find Biblical passages that discuss God’s activity as redeemer. Again, there should be passages from each major section. Give a brief exegesis (explanation) of each passage.


  1. Compare the sets of biblical passages. How does God’s work as creator relate to His work redeemer, in the biblical view? This section should be about 200 words.


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