Hollingsworth v. Perry (Perry’s side)


I am presenting the arguments Perry’s side. needs in-text citations. focus on Perry’s side.


Professor: Elizabeth McKinley

Honors Project


HONORS PROJECT: Your paper should address the topic of from one of the topics below..

• Hollingsworth v. Perry & the U.S. vs. Windsor case (same sex marriage)

You have been given one side of the case above and it is your responsibility to present the arguments for your side. Another student in this class will be given the opposing side. You need to work with that student in your presentation to the class, but your written work needs to be done separately.

• Paper length & organization: A minimum of six (6) typed pages, double-spaced, and 12 point font (in addition to the class project).

• Sources: Your paper should include the following at least 3 scholarly references on the subject and include five (5) current cases dealing with your topic that have been heard by a court recent or within past 10 years.

• Citation: Cite at least 3 sources using the Modern Language Association [MLA] and use the websites provided to find the current cases. It will also need to include the Restatement’s Guidelines, Common Law, and any current statutes on the book regarding that topic.

• Copy of sources Copies: Make copies of your Internet & non-internet sources. You will need to make a hard copy of each source used.

o Books: copy of front page, copyright page and the area used in your paper

o Articles: whether hardcopy or web based, copy and submit with paper

o Cases: copy of the cases cited and used in your paper

• Correct typographical errors by proofreading your paper prior to turning it in. You may want to use a dictionary and the spelling & grammar function on your computer to avoid too many spelling and grammatical errors.

Oral Presentation: You need to do a 7 – 12 minute oral presentation of your project to the class. This will be done in conjunction with your fellow classmate who has t he opposing side.

Your completed paper needs to have a:

• Typed cover page including: your name; Business Law Honors 2301; Class Day/Time/Semester, and Title of your paper

• The main body of the paper

• Footnotes/Bibliography

Completed paper due. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. . . April 29th

Presentation on …………………………………………………………… May 6th


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