produce economic report for Nepal.


You are required to produce economic report for Nepal. Besides the data on specific macroeconomic variables you will collect, you have to use a number of other sources to support your analysis. Those can be articles from newspapers or magazines, or surveys conducted by various organizations and Institutions. You have to make certain that your data are consistent with the analyses you will use to support your research. You must evaluate all sources used.

Although the data presented will date back 15 to 20 years, your analysis should concentrate on the country’s current economic conditions. Therefore, your presentation of the statistical data you collect will be used in order to set the background of your analysis and possibly explain the country’s current economic performance.

Your report should follow the following structure:

1. Introduction. The country of choice is presented in a quick overview, the rationale behind choosing this particular country is explained and the structure of the report is identified.

2. Review of the Literature. Here you present in a well-structured and organized way all the information you have collected from other sources commenting on and analyzing this country’s performance in the past years as well as the policies followed. As mentioned above, you can include, articles, surveys (for example from the Economist), Institutional Reports, blog entries. Keep in mind: The validity of a source is vital in this section. An entry in the blog of a Nobel Prize winner or a well established academic carries more weight than an entry in an unknown blog that just popped up after a Google search. You can always check the validity of your sources with me.

3. Methodology. Here you will explain how you are planning to provide evidence in order to support what you discussed in the previous section. Present the variables you will use, your data sources, and provide a rationale for choosing these particular variables.

4. Discussion. This is where your evidence is presented. Firstly, you need to plot in excel the series chosen and then discuss the country’s performance based on those series. Try to describe the behavior of each series, identify peaks and troughs, and give possible explanations which could relate to your Literature section. You can choose a number of variables from the following list or add others:

i) Nominal G.D.P.

ii) Real G.D.P.

iii) Growth Rate

iv) Consumer Price Index and Inflation Rate

v) Unemployment rate

vi) Value of Exports

vii) Value of Imports

5. Conclusion.

6. Bibliography.


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