Identifying the key departments of a Business.

Academic writers variously identify a number of different key departments, or functions, within a business. Although not intended to be an exhaustive list, these may include Sales & Marketing, Production & Operations, Human Resources and Finance.
Using the techniques identified in Unit 3, begin by conducting some research into identifying the key departments of a business. You should focus your research on articles which identify, discuss and compare/contrast them and their respective roles.
You should divide your assignment into three parts:
Briefly identify what you consider to be the key departments/functions within businesses (this is not the main emphasis of the task, so please keep this to the minimum and save the majority of your word count for parts 2 and 3)
Explain the process you used to conduct this research, the key problems you encountered and the sources you considered to be most credible, and why
Finally, identify how you will apply what you have learned in this exercise to your future studies?
Additional Information
Your assignment should be written in report format and follow the guidelines given in the Unit 2 reading.
It should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words. You are allowed to go below or above this word count by no more than 10% without your mark being affected.
Your report must include a minimum of 2 relevant quotations, accurately referenced from 2 different sources that you actively engage with during the research process.
Please refer to the Referencing Guidelines from Unit 4. Your tutor will upload your assignment to Turnitin, the plagiarism detection website, so it is vital that you correctly reference any parts of your assignment that are not your original work.

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