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In co-operation with the instructor, you will conduct quantitative research as a group, on a technology-related subject or problem in which you are interested


In co-operation with the instructor, you will conduct quantitative research as a group, on a technology-related subject or problem in which you are interested. You will choose you group members, and then as a group develop a topic and formulate it in terms of a set of original research questions as part of a proposal. Your group will write a paper presenting the
conclusions of your research, and each member also will write a brief individual reflection on

this experience. This semester, you will pick one of two tracks: 1) launch your research

from one of several key articles provided; or 2) pick a research topic directly relevant to

the majors of your group members.

The first part of the research project—this assignment—is to develop a proposal and

bibliography for your project. In your proposal, you will complete the following tasks:

1. Identify a topic to pursue based on information from one of the launch articles, or that

directly relates to your major(s). You may creatively relate your topic to one of our

six competencies. The topic must be new research for all group members.

2. Refine your topic into a distinct thesis with a specific set of testable research


3. Conduct additional background on your research questions and develop an

appropriate bibliography.

4. Develop a specific survey or other quantitative research instrument in order to answer

your research questions.


Proposal Details

Your proposal will include the following sections, prepared as a formal, written essay:

2 of 3

1. Introduction: Introduce your project by providing an overview of your subject that

includes the main points related to your topic from your launch article.

2. Thesis: State your group’s distinct position on your topic, or thesis statement (e.g.

“No, Google is not making us stupid, because…”), and then develop your project by

posing and describing 2-3 specific research questions you will investigate by way of

proving or disproving your thesis.

3. Research: Discuss the secondary research you have discovered while looking into

your chosen article and the topic on which you decided. These paragraphs should

attempt to provide some initial thoughts, shaping framework, and possible answers to

your stated research questions. Use high-quality literature that directly relates to them.

4. Methodology: Propose a quantitative study, such as a survey or experiment, which

will help prove or disprove your research questions. You should describe this primary

research, whom will participate in it, and what kind of questions will be asked.

5. Bibliography: Include an APA-formatted list of at least 7 references. The quality of

your resources counts, not just the number. Note: If you are unfamiliar with APA

format, be sure to look it up; points will be lost if the references are formatted


Additional Requirements

. Your proposal must include the structure, font, and other formatting usual to formal

research assignments. A cover page is expected, and mechanics must be perfect.

. Your proposal should run a minimum of 3-4 pages in length, excluding the


. Your proposal will include regular citations of the sources mentioned in your



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