Name the specific method of data collection used to explore the perceptions and experiences of diabetes-related stigma from the perspective of adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus?


TASK A: Qualitative Research

Name the specific method of data collection used to explore the perceptions and experiences of diabetes-related stigma from the perspective of adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus?

The study of ‘I’m not a druggie, I’m just a diabetic’: a study of stigma from the perspective of adults with type 1 diabetes by Browne, et al (2014) makes use of  qualitative research study by making use ofsemi structured interviews, which were audio recorded, transcribed and subject to thematic analysis.

Based on the description of the methodology used please indicate the type of qualitative study design employed in this study and briefly justify your selection.

The authors made use of a semi structured interview schedule since it brought them success in their previous research conducted with individuals with T2DM (I call it the blame and shame disease’: a qualitative study about perceptions of social stigma surrounding type 2 diabetes). The schedule duly was designed in such a way that it allowed the researchers to elicit the participants’ personal narratives or their experiences or their perceived notions of the stigma that was associated with diabetes.  Here the participants were invited to participate voluntarily so that they may come forward with their individual social experience of living with T1DM. They included a range of surroundings such as healthcare settings, the workplace, their social and/or family environments andthe media. Also the researchers were careful about how they referred or introduced the word stigma to avoid confusing the participants with terminology. It also helped reduce bias. This is considered the best approach for this research since this method maximized the opportunity for the participants to come forward and talk about their positive and negative social experiences.

Using bullet points briefly summarise the analysis process outlined in the section ‘Transcription and analysis’. (Remember to paraphrase this information in your own words so as to demonstrate your understanding—direct quotes are not appropriate for this assignment).

  • The researcher made use of a professional transcription servicefor transcribing the audio recording verbatim. Thematic analysis using the inductive approach was chosen for analyzing the collected data.
  • The data was rechecked to determine accuracy before being transferred to NVivo V.10 to ensue analysis and data coding since it would include very detailed definitions and rules of coding which would be independently piloted on the interviews.
  • A draft framework was created and looked at by the entire research team, and altered synergistically to enhance utility and fathomability.
  • JLB and AV utilized the revised framework to code three transcripts and after that coded an extra five transcripts autonomously.
  • An intercoder agreement for every code was dictated
  • five transcripts achieved a mean agreement rating of 99.0% which showed a level of consistency in the rate of coding
  • All discrepancies were tackled with the help of group discussion raising the success rate to 100%

Please identify which theme the statement most appropriately fits into:

i. “I just need to remind myself that maybe they don’t know the difference? It’s just tiring being constantly compared to that stereotype”

Negative social judgments and stereotyping

ii. “I’ve always felt the need to hide it until I knew that I could trust that individual, that somehow it’s a source of weakness”

Non disclosure


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