Pop Culture Speech


Pop Culture Speech

For this speech, you will not be creating your own speech, but rather giving a speech that has already been prepared and given by someone else (you are simply mimicking a speech from someone else).

Note: You are to give the same speech the other speaker has given, not talk about the speech you choose.

While this particular speech is not going to be difficult from a writing/preparation standpoint – it will take some effort on your part to re-tell it by invoking a mood and a strong sense of believability.

Please select a speech that you (and the rest of us) are familiar with, one delivered by someone of social significance or popularity. The speech could be President Obama’s inaugural address, the Tiger Woods apology, a Christopher Walken monologue from Pulp Fiction, a TedTalk, or something else you’re interested in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from someone famous, but at least someone that we’d recognize (or that you can provide a link for us to find the speech).

A few parameters:

  1. The speech needs to be between 5 and 10 minutes. This means that you may need to edit the speech (if it’s Shakespeare) to meet the time constraints – or you may need to take purposeful, dramatic pauses if the speech is short.
  2. When delivering the speech, set the mood for the audience. Tell us who delivered the speech, when it was originally delivered and why. We need to be in the moment in order to understand the context of your speech.
  3. Make this speech your own. Feel it; read it dozens of times before posting your assignment. Rehearse! Practice in front of a mirror. Watch your eye contact or and your gesturing/body language. Even dress for the part, if you can. Remember, preparation is EVERYTHING in public addres

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