ritical Factors for Sustaining Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand

This is the instruction of this dissertation:

1. I need 200 words for Abstract
2. I need another 1000 words for Introduction ( after include the previous it will be about 1500 words)
3. I need another 3500 words for literature review (after including the previous it’ll be around 6000 words)
in this stage i also would like to link some of Prof. Blackburn research to my literature review and discussion,
which you can find Prof. Blackburn research from the link: http://business.kingston.ac.uk/robertblackburn
also, you can some other journal to support the work

This journal is required it but you can also use other journal as well but please make sure that you will use academic journals please.
4. I need 2000- 2500 words for data analysis
5. I need 15000- 2000 words for discussion
6. I need 1000-1200 words for conclusion
7. I need 1000 words for Limitation and Recommendation

In addition, I attached Excel file, which is from my e-mail survey and also main journals that I uses for my dissertation.

Please be aware of plagiarism due to my uni is very strict about this and also follow instruction of my dissertation guideline.

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