Should marijuana be legalized

Argument/Position Paper

For this paper, write a formal, academic argument stating your position on a topic that you feel strongly about. This paper must be at least 1250 words. For this paper, you must use at least four (4) sources.

Develop an essay that clearly presents your position on the topic. You must show me that you can think critically about the opinions of others, and that you can state your position with power, respect, and maturity. Your claims should be based on reputable sources (not your personal experience) and should be documented in MLA format to avoid plagiarism. You must also have a clear thesis statement that will guide the development of your paper. Present the information clearly with well-defined paragraphs. Also, make sure you have an effective introduction and conclusion. The tone of this paper should be academic and formal.

Be sure to revise your paper for content, organization, and grammatical issues and to conform to academic standards. Include a title, word count at the end of the paper, and use 12pt Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins. Double-space throughout the paper.

make sure you read the instructions carefully please. and I JUST NEED 4 SOURCES NO MORE PLEASE.

please develop the thesis statements on the paper.