The impact of the fall of the Western Empire on the church.



  1. The Conversion of Constatine has been widely debated for almost all of recent history and the debate has only gotten stronger over the last 100 years. Constatnie is rememeber mostly for his paganism ways and many stick to the idea that he was converted around 310 AD. But in my artcle it would be argued that Constantine turn his heart to Christ was actually before this date. It is widely read and found that Constantine spent time with the Lord in prayer and worship much before this date and would be a clear evidence of one conversion. I am unsure where I would stand on this argument and look forward to learning more on the conversion of Constatine.
  2. Many believe just like Ott, that the churches were able to flourish in the time that the western empire fell. Many bleived that the reasons why it fell the way it did had to do with poor government and really too high of taxation. So when that was all lifted off the churches then they were able to flourish and really beagn to grow and see many turn to the church.
  3. One of the major reason why we have seen such a raise in the islmaic religion is largely because of the heresies which have infested the Christian world. Many people who are following the Islamic traditions today have already given Christianity a try and found it to be heretical. As I read this artcle it broke my heart to understand that many people find our religion to be false and actually begin to follow a religion that is truly false.



The article I chose for was written by Oliver Nicholson, titled “Constantine’s Vision of the Cross”. Within this article he mentions the conversion of the great Roman Emperor Constantine to Christianity. Eusebius of Caesarea credited Constantine with thousands of theophanies of Jesus and numerous appearances in dreams. [1] One of his most famous accounts of a vision, was told to Eusebius by Constantine himself, while the Emperor was speaking under oath. [2] He Gives the account of while Constantine was praying he envisioned a cross in the sky with the words “By this Conquer”.  Constantine had the vision inscribed upon all of his army’s shields as a form of protection as they went into battle. Constantine’s vision can be credited with his conversion to Christianity much like Paul’s vision on his way to Damascus. [3]

The impact of the fall of the Western Empire on the church.

This article by Dr. Roger White titled “Western Britain from the end of the Empire to the rise of the Penda”, takes a look at the transition of Britain from being a province within the Roman Empire to the Kingdoms of Medieval England. After the fall of Rome, Britain began to rule itself and invited the Anglo-Saxons, who later rebelled, to settle in the territory. The British provinces were called the Britannia Prima. Each province that was settled began dealing with its own affairs under its own governor. During the Anglo-Saxon rebellion, many of the British Christians fled. [4] The Britannia Prima and its people ultimately ended in defeat but their Christian influence still resonates. [5]

This article from the Journal of Historical Society titled, “Philosophical Theology and Science in Medieval Christianity and Islam: A Comparative Perspective”, tells how Christianity did not have a direct role on the advent of Islam but the development of Islam did however, shadow that of Eastern Christianity. [6] Muslims found it necessary in the eighth century to use philosophy when debating Christians. Muslim intellects used this Aristotle approach to give reason to their claims. Philosophy and religion have identical aims, namely the knowledge of God and the pursuit of virtue. [7] The Article goes to say that for Christianity and Islam, the classical Greek heritage remained useful, especially in astronomy and medicine, however not in religious studies from the early 12th century on. [8]


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