What are the advantages of hashing passwords?


1-Read the article BYOB: Build Your Own Botnet at (http://www.sans.org/reading_room/whitepapers/covert/byob-build-botnet_33729). Consider a useful and good application of a Botnet as opposed to using it for security attacks. Discuss, based on the article, how you would go about building this Good Botnet. One or two paragraphs will be sufficient.
2-Do a web search and read about Rootkit attacks. Describe briefly how it works and how to defend against it.
3- Assume you go to a local coffee shop with your laptop and use their free open WIFI network. Explain how a “Man-in-the Middle” attach could be a threat in this situation. Explain how it works in brief and general terms.
4- What is browser security?
5- What is DLP (in the context of security)?
6- Go to www.snort.org . If you are responsible for security for a small company (40 PCs), would you consider implementing this product? Why or why not?
7- Describe how a SYN flood attack works and how to defend against it.
8- What is WiMax and LTE? Is there a debate or difference on opinion over these approaches? Why/how does “mobile broadband” involve these?
9- Can you visualize any way around using access control to have a secure infrastructure? If it seems possible, how?
10- Do web searches and read about Biometric Analysis and summarize the advantages and disadvantages.
11- What are the advantages of hashing passwords?
12- Do web research and read about Digital Certificates. Write a 3-sentence summary.
13- What is a hot site?
14- Assume you are responsible for security for a small company (40 PCs) running a web based business with direct commerce, selling custom T-shirts. All of the company data (customer info, order info, employee information, company accounts, taxes, et al) distributed across the 40 PCs. Summarize for the owner your list of key risk mitigation strategies for the network and the IT infrastructure.


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