Write a 2 page reflection paper on your experience of the coaching sessions. Describe your experience as the coach and describe your experience as the learner.


Write a 2 page reflection paper on your experience of the coaching sessions. Describe your experience as the coach and describe your experience as the learner.
The paper can take any form that you like but it must address these 3 questions:
What is it that sticks with you concerning the experience of the coaching session? What impacted you?
How might you apply that?
What would that application look like?
Make sure you answer these questions based on each coaching session, the one in which you were the coach and the other where you were the learner.
Desired Outcomes
Bring the coaching relationship to completion.
Review progress on movement toward goal and review personal learning and development.
Support the client to revise the goal originally established for the coaching; refine it to reflect current reality.
Help the client to identify what he or she needs to start doing, stop doing, and keep doing (see Hunt and Weintraub, Ch. 11) in order to have that goal become a reality.
Coaching Session (45 minutes)
Here is a possible outline for a conversation.
Check-In. Ask the client something like: “How is it going?” “What happened since we last spoke?” Note: as always, what the client says could alter what you actually do in this session so be prepared to follow the client’s lead.
Reflect on the Experiment.
Ask the client to reflect on the experiment designed at the end of your last session.
Ask the client to restate the experiment you two designed at the end of the last session.
Just ask question and listen
“Did you carry out that experiment?” and
“How did it go?”
Reflect on Results
Ask the client to identify the results he or she has achieved over the last 5 weeks vis-à-vis the goal for the coaching.
Ask the client to identify the learning/development he or she experienced as a result of the four coaching sessions prior to this one and working on the goal.
Help the client restate his or her goal, revise it and write it down on paper.
Stop, Start, and Keep Doing
Considering the goal, help the client to identify enabling and restraining behaviors.
Start doing
Stop doing
Keep doing
Note. Support your client to explore these areas and help him or her steer clear of using this as an exercise in fault finding or judging self. You are doing nothing more than following curiosity, finding some places to look where a difference could be made if action is taken.
Ask the client if there is anything he or she needs to say to complete your coaching relationship.
As the coach, say anything you need to say to the client to complete the coaching relationship.


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