WWII, Post War Fashion & Funny Face


Watch the film Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, and read the article Avedon, Let’s Call it Fashion (pg 156-168) Avedon Lets Call it Fashion.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window.

*Funny Face can be rented on Amazon instant using this link (or is free if you have Amazon Prime):


Use the film and the reading to answer the following Questions (please read over BEFORE watching the film so you know what to look for):

How are the roles of the Fashion Editor and Fashion Photographer within the post war era depicted in the movie?

What is the song in the film Think Pink about? What does Think Pink mean?

Describe Audrey Hepburn’s look in the film pre and post her Quality Magazine makeover.

In the Avedon reading how did Brodovitch and Avedon work together to create an aesthetic for Bazaar in the pot-war era? How did Avedon change the medium of fashion photography during this time?

Please note that I have scanned several images referenced in the reading so that you can view them as you read.

They are in the file called Avedon Extra Images.

Avedon Extra Images.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window

Listed below in sequential order:

Page 26 Fifi Wheeler, Jones Beach 1945

Page 53 Veronica Compton, Paris, July 1946

Page15 Model in Dior’s Autelier, Summer 1947

Page 3-4 Renee in twirling Dior Skirt, Paris 1947

Page 46-47 Renee and Christian Berard (and poodle) in Paris August 1947

Page 58-59 Doe Avedon in Dior, Paris 1947

Page 48-49 Elise Daniels in Le Marais wearing Balenciaga 1948

Page 48-49 Elise Daniels in Dior Hat Paris 1948

Page 56-57 Le Catalan Restaurant Shot

Page 36-37 Dorian Leigh Paris in Piguet Gown 1949

Page 63 Dorian Leigh Hat by Dior, Paris 1949

Page 54/55 Dorian Leigh in rhinestones by Schiaparelli, Paris 1949


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