Art School Admission Essay

Art School Admission Essay

For many years, I have been interested in studying arts. My interest in pursuing this field is derived from several factors which have affected my life. First, I have been exposed to arts throughout my life. My parents have been working as graphic designers and have influenced me to develop the interest in this field. Second, I am fascinated by the various people who qualify as graphic designers but do not present quality designs. The final factor that has influenced by decision is the desire to serve people who seek services in graphic design.s

My goals in joining this course are to improve service delivery through quality designing and to improve the general trust towards graphic designers. These will be enhanced by my hobbies that include editing, playing computer games, and watching movies.  I am interested in analyzing graphic designs where I do not hesitate to criticize graphic designs that are poorly done. Whatever is produced by designers should therefore remain to the best interest of people. My hobbies have greatly contributed towards my interest in selecting the graphic designs course.

The choosing of the FIDM Art School has been due to its good reputation in offering quality education in all its courses. In particular, the school has a unique method of motivating all students to excel in their studies where it also rewards students in graphic designs who maintain high standards in their work. In addition, many prominent personalities have also studied in FIDM School and this will make me proud if I am admitted to this school.

What appeals to me in the graphic designs course is the ability to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. This course will give me an opportunity to learn various skills in designing. I have also been working hard since I was in lower school. In many instances, I have been in situations that require me to work beyond the normal schedule. This has prepared me to join the graphic designs sector where designers are sometimes required to work for extra hours while addressing critical designs. This will improve my personal organization and time management skills.

Upon graduation from FIDM, I intend to join a reputable graphic designs company where I will engage in putting theory into practice. I shall be thorough and keen on details in all the assignments presented to me. I also plan to be involved in advocating graphic designs ethics in all the practitioners and also urge graphic designers not to base their work on financial gains. I plan to work towards expanding my career by moving on to managerial positions where there are more responsibilities. It is in my understanding that promotions are done on merit and will therefore prepare for this by enrolling for advanced courses. Success does not occur in a day, as I was once told by my dad. To achieve my aspirations in life, it will call for personal sacrifice and close relations with people who have similar objectives. The climax of my career will be the ownership of a graphic designs company where I will have an opportunity to nurture young people interested in this career. I strongly believe my admissions to FIDM will be a positive move towards the development of my career in graphic designs.