Coach Leadership and Group Dynamics


Coach Leadership and Group Dynamics

Group coaching happens informally and also formally as people collaborate towards attaining a common goal or interest. It is argued that social psychology has been greatly influenced by socialization and globalization (Jowett & Lavallee, 2011), particularly in the twenty first century. Sporting is one of the games that facilitate social psychology in areas of communication, social relationships, team cohesion, coach leadership, motivation, morality and in issues of audience effects.

Jowett and Lavalee (2011) offered critical insights in dynamics and interactions that influence the success of teams in sporting. Sport experience and sport performance are influential in humankind of all ages (Jowett & Lavallee, 2011). Social psychology in sport is part of the latest fields of research that adds weight to group dynamics and coach leadership.

Surveys have shown that coach-athlete relationship is critical in defining the motivation developed by athletes. Taking a critical look at the cognitive evaluation theory, and also reflecting on the hierarchical models of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation; the personal orientation coaches are influential in defining the extent of motivation. Surveys argue on the context in which the coaches behave and operate, it is further argued that the motivation and the behaviors of the athletes influence the motivation and the perceptions of the coaches (Jowett & Lavallee, 2011).

Behaviors of the coaches influences the supportive-autonomy models, involvement and structure provision are sensitive in enhancing a healthy relationship between the coaches and the athletes (Jowett & Lavallee, 2011). Motivated athletes are characterized with relatedness, autonomy and competence; which are critical components in nurturing self determined intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in the athletes.

There are a number of psychological processes that influence positive influence and coaching behaviors in enhancing the motivation of the athletes. Coaching behaviors are also influenced by personality and social processes that shape the ability within athletes in focusing at the desired vision or target (Jowett & Lavallee, 2011). Coach leadership is an important lesson when incorporated in group dynamics. It is argued that group dynamics are influenced by psychological processes and on the systems of behaviors in or within a social group.

The relationship between coaches and athletes are critical in dealing with sensitive issues in the community; such as spread of diseases, behavior of the community, developing therapy techniques and incorporating new technologies and ideas among others. Group dynamics may be intragroup or intergroup dynamics that assist in understanding sexism, racism, discrimination and social prejudice as in the context of multiculturalism (Jowett & Lavallee, 2011).

Findings indicated that sports has the ability of developing winning teams, sports allows the players and the spectators focus into a common target, in the same way the actions and the behaviors of the players and the spectators are also focused towards a positive experience if a win occurs and a negative experience if a team faces a loss (Jowett & Lavallee, 2011). In either way, the players and the spectators are taught in constructively dealing with wins and losses; which is part of life.

Sports can be employed in developing winning relationships, as skills and values are learnt; which are sensitive in propelling people throughout the journey of life. Sports to some extent strengthen the target families. Sports create time away from the day to day activities: A situation that makes the human mind relax and focus at different things altogether. Sports psychology is critical in shaping the performance of the players, while at the same time assist in doing away with the feelings of anxiety (Jowett & Lavallee, 2011). Group dynamics are best explained in understanding the athlete-coach relationships.



Jowett, S. & Lavallee, D. (2011). Social Psychology in Sport. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.



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