ITM 423 SLP 3


ITM 423 SLP 3

With the advancement of technology, various software tools are developed to aid in handling different projects. Technology has also found its way in education as various learning management systems are developed to facilitate learning and sharing of information. These are positive steps towards enhancement of learning. This report focuses on the personnel and the required plan to implement one of the project management software – Desire2learn (D2L).

Desire2learn is one of the best programs for most learners as it covers different stages of learning. Using this program allows users to share information and ideas on various aspects hence improving their projects. Ballentine, (2012) states that this program is essential, and once an individual understands how it performs, can be used in almost every setup including the workplace. Therefore, as far as sharing information is concerned, Desire2learn remains an essential technology.

For this program to operate well it requires the input of qualified personnel and a better plan design to implement.  The purpose and the objective of the project should be known and well understood. Due to this, proper arrangement needs to be in place to ensure that the process moves on smoothly. For instance, the people and the resources required should be adequate to ensure proper implementation. Moreover, time-bound implementation plan for every task or components should also be put into consideration to ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated period (The World Bank, 2013). A schedule for every action and target dates needs to be known and to be provided to guide in the implementation process. Furthermore,   adequate measures need to be in place concerning the expenses and how they are going to be managed. It is also vital to ensure that the project is frequently monitored and evaluated. Monitoring is very essential because it allows the project manager to know whether the project is progressing on as expected or not. This allows for corrections in case of deviations, as well as further improvement. Therefore, in developing the desire2learn software, it is essential for the project manager to have a clear plan on how the project will be implemented to ensure that it achieves the objectives.

Implementation process requires the combination of different staffs, since it cannot go on without the people. A number of people that will take part in the implementation process will include university IT staffs, faculty staffs, administrators, external experts, and students specializing in IT.  These personnel are all important in the success of the project because their input will be required at various stages. Expertise will be of great value in offering vital information of what is required to be done and how to ensure that the program succeeds. Likewise, university staffs are of great value in the process because they have vast experiences in the same, and will help to provide more skills and information on how the program can be programmed to meet the needs of the students. Students will also be very important because they form an integral portion of the users, as well as potential future professionals. Therefore, they will provide valuable contribution on how the program can be structured to meet the needs of its users. Additionally, these people will have to collaborate to ensure that the program that is produced is of high quality and meets the needs of the users. The essence is to create a system that will add value to students and other users in the school and outside the school (Arora, Owens &Khazanchi, 2010).

It is the responsibility of the project leader/manager to ensure that the project moves on smoothly to attain the objectives set. The project will not be able to succeed if the manager fails to provide good leadership.  He/she will be in charge of the resources to ensure that they are well utilized to ensure that the mission is achieved. Therefore, the project manager is essential and plays a vital role in ensuring that the staffs and the resources are put in better use for the success of the project.

This process is very essential in equipping me with skills and knowledge on the practical aspects of Information Technology, since it allows me to gain skills on how to carry out a project. It is very important for an individual to have objectives and to plan well before implementing any project. This is one of the skills I have gained from this process, and which I believe will impact on my future career. Furthermore, the process has enabled me to learn how to work with other people in a group. It is important for every person to understand his or her duties and to support one another to be able to achieve common goals. Therefore, I have learned a lot and do believe that the information gained will have a positive impact on my behavior and my career in future.

In conclusion, it is essential to have a plan when implementing any project, since it helps the project manager to have a guide even as they endeavor to achieve their goals.  Personnel are also vital in ensuring that the project becomes successful. Thus, collaboration among these employees is essential towards achievement of the goals (Besner & Hobbs, 2012). Therefore, for this program-desire2learn to be successful and meet its objectives, proper implementation plan and appropriate and qualified personals is very prudent.


It is indeed true that technology has played a key role in the development and enhancement of learning.  Various information management technologies have been developed to promote learning. iTeamwork is one of the software which has heard impact on how projects are conducted.  I agree with my colleagues that this software is very interactive and easy to use. This, therefore, has made it easier for people to collaborate and to handle their project better and deliver positive results within the given schedules. It has, therefore, promoted learning through sharing of information and ideas since people across the world can be able to work on a project effectively.




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