Narrative persuasive essay

Narrative persuasive essay

Question one

Life is a journey made of valleys and mountains. Living in this current world, we experience different things that keep disturbing or bringing joy in our lives.  The relationships between Iran and America have been marred with tug of war with each county blaming the other for mischief.  I as a civilian and patriotic Iranian I believe that I have been taken for a ride by our brothers-Americans. The poem  “America, America” by Saadi Youssef bears witness to this.

Life in Iraq has not always fared on well. This is manifested in my life experience. For quite long period, American has eroded the culture of Iran through its imposition of western culture.  Our culture has been affected in many ways like dressing mode. For example, the jeans and jazz and the treasure island are some of the examples of how the western culture has eroded our culture.

I also feel my freedom has been robbed. The sense of humanity has eroded human beings.  Life used to be rosy and I enjoyed living in our small villages and homes. The family was charming, life was a gold experience, and I had good dreams. However, these dreams were tarnished and freedom denied.  At times, I cannot move out of my house and yet we are sovereign state. However, I do thank God that He stood by me and today even though I am  disappointed about the past, I can afford a smile for His mercies and for giving me strength to reach this far.

The sorrows that engulf our people because of the presence of Americans are disheartening.  Nevertheless, I do believe that God is for us all whether we are sinners or not. I believe that that day will come when I will feel a free Iranian, free from yokes of any other person.  At this moment, I ask for God’s mercies.



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