Psychology and Difficulties in Counselling

Psychology and Difficulties in Counselling

Katie Jones is a hypothetical client who presents to me for psychiatric problems obtained from her recent loss of both parents in an automobile accident. Katie has been on drugs for the last three months, hoping that the substance will provide her with a relief after losing her parents two months earlier. She is 27 years old, jobless and a mother of a 3-year-old boy. Katie seems to be in love with a married man, who does not want to relate with her because he is not willing to part with his family. She informs me that the man in question is the father to her son and has been trying to reach him in vain. When Katie presents to me on her first visit, we had a lengthy discussion, which made me categorise her in the “customers” group because she is really in need of help.

However, we have recently come to a conflict of morals and values because Katie does not want to sue the man who bore the son, neither does she consider looking for an alternative home for her son. Her parent’s pensions are yet to reach her accounts because there is a case in court filed by the parent’s former debtors. Therefore, she has no otherwise but to look for a job or a temporary home for her son. However, she is a Jesuit who does not want to involve herself in court battles with anybody. She wants to live by herself. As far as I am concerned, Katie is supposed to file a case in civil court challenging the man in question to take his responsibilities in rearing the young boy. In addition, she needs to look for an alternative home for the young boy. At this point, we have clashed due to difference in our personal values.


It is within my responsibility to solve the problem affecting Katie. I am going to discuss with her the entire alternative available for her (Fiona & Murdin, 2010). First, I will help her do away with the drugs and counsel and help her progress quickly in her process of grieving. Secondly, I will challenge her to take a bold step in contacting the father to her son to take his responsibilities. Since she seems to have court battles, I will try to convince her that with my help, she can reach out for her former lover and solve the case outside the court.


Fiona, B., & Murdin, L. (2010). Values and ethics in the practice of psychotherapy and counselling. Bukingham, PA: Open university press.


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