Qualifications for Members of Crisis Negotiation Team


 Qualifications for Members of Crisis Negotiation Team


            The crisis negotiation team is a team in the field of criminology whose purpose is to assist the police department in their response to emergency and crisis situations. The members of such a team are usually well trained so as to enable them acquire a set of techniques which will put them at an advantage when it comes to negotiating safe resolutions for critical incidents (McMains & Mullins, 2012). The members of this team are usually deployed only under specific situations. Examples include when there is a heavy arrest, barricade suspects, and hostage takers, suicidal persons who are also armed, suicidal persons who are unarmed but may jump off a building or something close and many others. Such situations may be very difficult to predict, however once they occur everything can be easily managed if the help of a crisis negotiation team is used (McMains & Mullins, 2012). This team plays a very important role in the resolving of crisis and therefore reducing the chances of deaths or even injury.

Vacancy for the Negotiator Supervisor Position in the Crisis Negotiation Team

            As a result of increasing cases of crisis situations within our area, it has come to our attention that we need to recruit a Crisis Negotiator Team to work hand in hand with our department. There are various positions available, however this flyer is meant for the personnel interested in becoming the Negotiator supervisor for this team.

Qualifications of a Negotiator Supervisor

            Since the position available is for only one individual, the competition here will be stiff. There are specific qualifications which one must have attained before applying for this position. First of all, the applicant must have a minimum of five years of experience in the field of Criminology. This experience is essential in that it will help the supervisor to identify the crisis situation. Second, the applicant must be well trained so that he is able to use the acquired skills in the rightful way. Third, the applicant must be able to have enhanced reasoning abilities. This is because the main function of the team will be to reason with criminals or other persons involved in a crisis incident so as to avoid injury or deaths (Regini, 2002). Fourth, the applicant must of an equal ranking to that of the tactical tea leader so as to avoid an inhibiting factor when it comes to the management of critical situations. Fifth, the applicant must possess excellent communication skills and be an expert in negotiations. Excellent communication skills are important since the team members must be able to be communicated to in a way which is simple to understand. During a crisis situation, there is no time for explanations on certain statements or facial expressions used (Mcmains & Mullins, 2012). If the leader cannot negotiate with his members, then the team will fail in negotiating with criminals. Sixth, the applicant must possess knowledge of the current procedures used for managing crisis situations and also have a good understanding of human behavior which is related to mental illness. The leader must be up to date with his skills so that the members of the team follow suit.

Vacancy for the Mental Health Consultant Position in the Crisis Negotiation Team

            The increasing criminal crisis situations may be related to a number of mental illnesses which most people suffer from. As a result of this, the department has thought it necessary to recruit a number of mental health consultants into the Crisis Negotiation Team. These members will be very important in the team as they are especially skilled with what many others lack. The number of positions available is three and therefore anyone who feels like they qualify for this position are encouraged to apply.

Qualifications of a Mental Health Consultant

            The first factor which will be considered is the past experience in such situations. A working experience, of more than three years, is required in this position. Experience means that the applicant has already been in such a situation and affected the outcome in a positive way (Regini, 2002). The applicant must also have a past experience in the field of psychology and mental health. This will enable them to identify the condition of a criminal while the negotiations are taking place. This analysis will enable the team to decide on the next step to take as they will be able to predict the next move of the criminal judging from the mental condition (McMains & Mullins, 2012). The applicant must be a team player. They all must be able to work alongside others so as to contribute to the improvement of the situation. Lastly, another skill which one must have is the ability to conduct proper analysis and come up with accurate findings. The steps taken by the police department is mainly guided by the results of the consultant, therefore any misjudgments may lead to serious issues (Regini, 2002).

Vacancy for the Intelligence Consultant in the Crisis Negotiation Team

            The Intelligence Consultant will be a very important person in the team. They will be the people responsible for guiding the department on the next step to take right after they have weighed the options available. The available positions are only two and it will feature one for both genders.

Qualifications of an Intelligence Consultant

The applicants must have specific qualifications which will be considered. First, he must be a good team player. This position will require one to consult other people who will help in the thinking (Regini, 2002). The applicant must be willing to work alongside others. The applicant must be able to analyze the options and only choose what will not be costly. Some of the decisions made by this person may affect the lives of both a criminal and a hostage; therefore the best decision is the one which will not cause so much damage (McMains & Mullins, 2012). Lastly, the applicant must be someone who has at least 3 years experience in the field of fighting crime.

Vacancy for the Primary Negotiator Position in the Crisis Negotiation Team

            The primary negotiator positions were inspired by the urgent need to stop different kinds of situations all at the same time. This is why the department is looking to employ five qualified personnel to join the team of crisis negotiators. The primary negotiators are the personnel who deal directly with the criminal or suicidal individual. They are the people who meet them face to face. Having backup persons in case the situation worsens is always a good decision to make. Therefore all the applicants must be ready and willing to experience different types of situations and not flee.

Qualifications of the Primary Negotiator

            The qualifications of the primary negotiator are many. First of all, the main option which is considered is the ability to negotiate terms. The applicant must be able to negotiate his way around the office, back at home and in all situations (King III, 2002). Second, the applicant must possess good communication skills which will be used between them and the criminal. Third, the ability to be able to work as a team is a must because the crisis negotiation team always works as a team and not upon what an individual thinks is right. Fourth, the applicant must be courageous and willing to risk his life for the life of others. It takes a lot of gut for an individual to walk into a room whereby a criminal has tied up a hostage in explosives (King III, 2002). Fifth, the negotiator must be a good listener and slow to anger. Sometimes the criminals may choose to offend someone just to piss them off. However, the applicant must be someone who is capable of controlling their anger and remaining calm in all situations (Mcmains & Mullins, 2012). Lastly, the applicant must be someone who can act fast and swiftly so that whenever things get out of hand, he can sprint forward and save a hostage.

Vacancy for the Secondary Negotiator Position in the Crisis Negotiation Team

            The positions for the secondary negotiator will be three. They will act as assistants to the Primary negotiators incase of anything.

Qualifications of the Secondary Negotiator

            The applicant must be a negotiator in everything they do. This means that negotiating their terms must come naturally as it will be something they are used to (King III, 2002). Second, the applicant must have good communication skills to facilitate proper communication. Third, the applicant must be a good team player since they will be working as a team. Fourth, the applicant must be courageous and someone who is willing to risk his life just to save lives (King III, 2002). Lastly, the applicant must be someone who can act fast and swiftly.




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