Research Proposal


Research Proposal

Part I

Topic inventory

Academic subject

Global warming:  what is the ramification on the future generations?

Impacts of technology on the learning process of young children

The role of engineering in promoting technological advancement

Social issue

Same sex relationships implications on the modern society

Impact of social media on moral values

Impacts of divorce on child development

Scientific subject

Genetic modified foods; which way to go

Effects of cloning in both animals and plants

Salinity of water and its effects on aquatic plants

 Cultural background

The role of women in the pre-colonial period

Impacts of early African culture on black Americas

Effects of traditional belief system to the current generations

Controlling idea

The topic chosen is “Same sex relationships implications on the modern society”

The controlling idea is “same sex relationships has contributed in increasing immorality in society”


Short proposal

Same sex relationship has received a lot of attention from various parties. Those against same sex relationships argue that this is immoral practice that should not be embraced by the society. They consider same sex marriages as abnormal and dirty behaviors, which should not be embraced by the society (Duncan & Kemmelmeier, 2012). However, on the other hand, the proponents of same sex marriages argue that it is their right to engage in relationships that fulfils their psychological, physiological and physical needs.  Therefore, this has caused a lot of worry among Christian faithful. Therefore, this research proposal is against the legalization of same sex relationship has contributed to increased level of immorality in the society.



Duncan, M., & Kemmelmeier, M. (2012). Attitudes toward same-sex marriage: an essentialist       approach, Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 1-23.



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