Strategies on Group Process


Strategies on Group Process

Group development is characterized with four major stages according to Bruce Tuckman’s model in 1965. The four stages are: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. According to Tuckman, he argued that the stages are inevitable and necessary in order for the group to face challenges, grow, generate solutions, tackle problems, deliver the desired results and in planning day to day activities. In nursing, group formation is critical in facilitating evidence based interventions, since inputs of different people are critical in generating diversified solutions and in forming effective teams. I was once involved in developing a group with the aim of sensitizing the communities on breast cancer through a collaborative environment.

The first step in the development of the group was forming a group to address breast cancer to the target community and it took time (, 2013), the behaviors of the individual nurses were shaped by the desire of acceptance by all members in the group. In this stage, nurses avoided conflict and controversies. Nurses also avoided serious feelings and issues as each and every nurse engaged their routines in the workplaces. There was nothing much done in this stage and the stable was considered as comfortable for all the members. The next stage was on identifying the challenges and opportunities as members behaved independently. Nurses generally came to know one another.

The second stage of group development was storming stage (, 2013), the ideas of each and every nurse in this stage competed for deep thoughtfulness. Nurses addressed issues of specific challenges to be handed, mode of performing as a team, mode of performing independently under the umbrella of the team objectives and on the type of leadership model acceptable in the group. I was assigned the role of the leader basing on my vast experience on issues pertaining to breast cancer. The group experienced some conflicting issues although they were resolved amicably. As a leader I emphasized on patience and tolerance in facilitating the storming stage, which was critical in encouraging control, professionalism and sound decision making processes.  Storming stage was generally characterized with arguments, tensions and struggles which were overcame with effective leadership.

Norming stage was the third stage (, 2013), the stage was critical in delivering a mutual plan and one goal. The team started to function as one entity and each and every nurse was given specific responsibility in breast cancer awareness. As a leader, I encouraged working for the common goals of the team. Controversial ideas were handled by all the team members in delivering awareness of the breast cancer to the target population.

The final stage was on the performing stage (, 2013); each and every member worked effectively and smoothly since major conflicts within the group has been addressed. External supervision in this stage was minimized as nurses were knowledgeable and self motivated. Members of the teams in this stage were autonomous, competent and in a position to make effective decisions as pertaining to the breast cancer. As a leader, I had developed accepted dynamics and norms in the team.

Health care in the twenty first century is encouraging more and more teamwork as compared to earlier centuries. Professional nurses are more effective when working as a unit or as a team and not as individuals. The job became more efficient and easy in enhancing better patient care. Teamwork in nursing is critical in meeting the needs of the patients and in improving the general patient outcome. The expectations of patients on healthcare are ever increasing with time, and sensitizing the public on breast cancer was part of managing the medical condition.




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