Western education


Western education

Education is seen as the mirror of the society.  Education brings enlightenment to the society and due to this, it is given a lot of emphasize and attention in almost all the civilized society. However, some of the education models have been criticized despite of their positives on the society and in transmitting cultural values. This discussion delineates on how western model education as part of larger economic and cultural system contributes to the many challenges that the world faces today.

The models of liberal general education are ones widely used in schools. This kind of models allow students to pursue a set of university requirements, allowing students to be exposed to a number of introductory level disciplinary based learning and inquiry (Walter, 2000).  This model therefore, fails to expose students to specific content or traditions making students somehow overwhelmed.  Students therefore, end up getting confused on the courses that they   want   to pursue leading to wrong decisions. An individual may not be good at certain field but because of the system, one is forced to undertake another course that he/she is not interested in. This has ramification on the society as the students lack that motivation and interest later on their careers. They therefore, fail to deliver or to compete favorably with others on a global level.

Education is supposed to inculcate values or morals that help the students to be better people in the society. It is also required to help mould behaviors, teach students about positive cultural system, and prepare them to face the world. However, this unfortunately does not give a lot of emphasize on this aspects leading to many challenges of coping up among students that   get to travel abroad.  The perception of people across the world about western   culture  is often negative and this is cultivated by the education systems they use. Students and especially young people learn through coping and emulating others and when they  get exposed to  cultures or the way western  people behave, they copy and this has contributed to deterioration of moral values in society and even leading to eradication or relinquishing of moral cultural values.

The education models in western   aims to breed trans-disciplinary intellectual values and perspectives, broad knowledge and learning, critical thinking, and to inculcate in students various capacities that help them lead free, independent live that allows them to achieve success (Walter, 2000). To greater level, the models have been a cornerstone in equipping its students with intellectual skills and knowledge that have contributed to their development and transformation. These skills   have also helped to improve the economic outlook of any other countries something that is worth applause (Reisz & Stock, 2012).

Therefore, in conclusion, it is essential for the education system to provide all round education to their students. The skills and knowledge need to be imparted to students to help them take the society forward. Likewise, society is built on moral standardized and the education system therefore has the responsibility to commit its efforts to educating their students on better values. The fact that the world has become a global village, it is essential that virtues and values are inculcated to help the society embrace positive cultures for their own benefits and the benefit of the future generations and the society.  This change is possible if efforts and structures are put in place.





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