Columbus Letter to Luis de Santangel


Columbus Letter to Luis de Santangel

Columbus drafted a letter directed at the Luis de Santangel who was the Treasure of Aragon, the letter was prepared at the end of Columbus’ return voyage, Santangel was influential in the expedition of Columbus, and that he carried good news of West Indies discovery, it was believed that the news were highly regarded by Isabella and Ferdinand (“The Letter of Columbus to Luis de Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery (1493)” Par. 3).

Movie 1492: Conquest of Paradise has a number of clips that overlap or have discrepancy with the letter drafted by Columbus to Luis de Santagel. Columbus from the two sources indicated that he was an explorer and that he had a mission to go round the world for opportunities. 1492: Conquest of Paradise is a 1992 epic drama film on an European adventure with Ridley Scott as the director and Roselyn Bosch as the writer. The main theme of the movie is on shedding light to the New World discovery by Christopher Columbus, who was an Italian explorer (“The Letter of Columbus to Luis de Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery (1493)” Par. 9). The movie also shed light to the influence of the discovery to the lives of the indigenous people. The film celebrated the voyage of Christopher Columbus and the discoveries made at that time.

It has been noted that the letter to Santagel showed the discovery and the probable impact the discovery would have led to the Italy and Spain. Columbus discovered Latin-Americans and other indigenous people as way of diversifying the current aspects of socialization and globalization. Columbus received diverse criticism of his trip and some of his friends and authorities warned him on the pending dangers of getting involved with the voyage.

Columbus and his voyage faced a number of challenges before sporting any land, known as the New World. At one time, one of the captains had requested for a return journey after spending more than nine weeks sailing and still there were no signs of land. It can be argued that Columbus was supportive and courageous to face what many people at that time could not have dared (“The Letter of Columbus to Luis de Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery (1493)” Par. 14). Columbus had a strong believe that there was a land somewhere and that they were determined in making the history.

Once they discovered the New world, the crew made friends with the natives although they faced language and cultural barriers. Columbus exploration was mainly pegged to missionary issues. Columbus promised the natives of the New World that they would come back with the word of God. Some of the crew members were left behind to initiate colonization. Columbus was received as a hero in Spain for the new discoveries by the Spanish people and the Queen, to an extent that Columbus was invited to have a dinner with the council at that time. The queen showered Columbus with gifts although a number of council members had issues with the little gold that Columbus came back with (“The Letter of Columbus to Luis de Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery (1493)” Par. 8).

Crew members left behind were killed by the natives, Columbus and the group initiated Christianity at San Salvador by building a tower. Violence broke up and Columbus found himself in the wrong hands with the authorities and ‘New World’. Columbus is expressed as a courageous person who took up issues in times of crisis. Columbus was gifted in facing dangers, fear, pain; intimidation and uncertainty which made him attain the desired results. The letter to Santagel coincides with the movie 1492. The main difference indicated that the film was dramatized as objected to the letter that was written.


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