Policy Issue: Iran


Policy Issue: Iran

In the year 2011, a report by the Board of governors, together with the Security Council, initiated the execution of NPT safeguard agreement together with the appropriate necessities to the Security Council objectives in Iran. It is however noted that Iran has not been cooperative in the implementation of the previous provisions such as the modified Code 3.1 that was contained in the Subsidiary Arrangements that belonged to the countries Safeguard Agreement. It is then worthy to note that the unavailability of such timely information jeopardises the chances presented to the Agency in the attempt to set up the required safeguards (James. & Thomas, 2013).

On the other hand, Iran has not been able to give the Agency a current detailed report of the DIQ belonging to the IR-40 reactor from the year 2006. The absence of this information to the Agency by Iran has made it impossible to have a comprehensive verification of the model of the facility and as such it becomes impossible to adopt a correct safeguard measure. On the other hand Iran has not been implementing its Additional Protocol and as such it is impossible to give factual information on the assurance on the presences of undeclared nuclear substances or activities that take place in Iran, this can only solved when Iran starts to cooperate effectively with the agency, while taking into account the implementation of the Additional protocol.On the other hand, Israel which has been on the fore front in warning of the dangers imposed by the Iranian nuclear material and activity while presenting an important issue from the Washington’s management.

It is then worthy to note that there has been no recorded evidence of Iran turning over biological or chemical nuclear material for use against Israel (James. & Thomas, 2013). Regardless of the Iranian rationality toward the agency as well as the United States, use of continued diplomatic sanctions or a pre-emptive military strike has not been effective in Iran. Strategies such as using maximum force or destroying their capabilities could also be hazardous. An effective dialogue would then be the most effective way in the implementation of the desired policies by the United States.


James, F.&Thomas, J(2013): Year of Decision: U.S. Policy toward Iran, the Washington Institute Press.


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