Combining Nurse Leader with Advocacy


Combining Nurse Leader with Advocacy

Based on the results from the Nurse Manager Skills Inventory I would consider myself to be in the competent level. I believe that I have a role to play in my professional and thus I work hard to achieve the intended results in my career.  Indeed, I regard performance improvement as a vital phenomenon for continuous development in both my personal and career goals.  I believe that there are many ways I can do as a nurse to prevent the harm of patients. One crucial method is to offer adequate support and care to patients, which as a result augment positive results to patients. I fully understand the concept of performance measures in the health care unit. For instance, quality care could be measured by antibiotic usage and the care provided. In my field of professionalism, I comprehend the need for organizations to identify a culture and way of doing things. At this point, I articulate the importance for the management team to understand the organization and the employees working there. When leaders’ embraces the change implemented in the organization, then they set a strong pace for employees to work hard and desire to achieve the intended results. Typically, I understand the concept of patients’ safety in regard to regard to reporting and monitoring medication procedures. With this knowledge in mind, I believe that I am in the competent level in regard to my personal and professional accountability.

Intrinsically, I would also consider myself competent in career planning. On a personal experience, a career planning is a tuning exercise. At some point, I might want to work with particular patients and particular wards. Overall, my desire is to improve the wellbeing of patients and thus, I work hard to ensure their health is well taken. I believe career planning plays a crucial role in the nursing profession. It dictates the developments perceived by nurses, society, and health care systems. To achieve my short and long term goals in my career, I believe that I have to know myself. In this case, I embrace my strengths to become a competent nurse. For instance, I am caring, loving, and friendly. This creates a strong ground to foster quality care to patients. I also consider the importance of exploring all possibilities to improve the wellbeing of patients. In this context, the possibilities may entail many things such as implementing what I learnt in school. Typically, I believe in making the right choices in my career. This plays a crucial role in shaping me to be a competent nurse. I am also very practical. Instead of complaining for what is not happening, I provide solutions to the problems at hand.

On my personal journey disciplines, I would rate myself more novice, but competent on action learning. I value knowledge as it creates a strong ground to be more competent in today’s society. Although I am beginner, I possess very strong skills in action learning. As previously mentioned I am very practical and thus perceive every challenge of life as an opportunity to learn and become a better person. It is undeniable fact that life is full of choices. This knowledge helps me to be very cautious on the choices I make. So far, my strength on action learning helps me to foster the well-being of patients and improve in my career. I fully support the fact that lack of knowledge or skill can be the major cause of under-performance (Department of Nursing, 2013).

After a deep evaluation of the practice reference behaviors/tenets, the 1, 2, 9 areas of this section I would say I am expert and all other areas competent. I am strong in holding the truth in my area of professionalism and as a result, this holds integrity in my medical procedures. I am also able to learn comfortably in the ambiguity environments. Lastly, I also create the balance, which fosters and renews my professional to grow. As mentioned, I am competent in other areas such as embracing diversity as the driving force to wholeness. I am competent in embracing diversity in all its forms such as sexual orientation, religion, gender, race, and generation. I am also competent in embracing multiple perspectives without judgment and have a strong ability to discover and exploit the potential in myself and in others. I have a strong quest to adventure towards knowing new things and exploring them in my career. I take pride in knowing something new in life. I constantly nurture my emotional and intellectual self and as a result this lays a strong ground to be competent in my career (Nurse Manager Skills Inventory, 2006).

Decisively, I will use my current leadership skill of leading by example to advocate for change in my workplace. Some the specific changes that can be made include keeping time and embracing training just to name a few. These changes are important as they lay a strong ground for things to be done in a different way. The personal skill set can be used to affect change in the workplace in the sense that, one people understand what need to be done . One personal goal for my leadership growth is to understand and embrace cultural diversities. I need to understand that an organization consists of people from diverse backgrounds and everyone is unique in their own way. To achieve the goal, I need to conduct a thorough research on cultural diversity in the workplace and embrace it my career. I intend to conduct the research in one month and for its full implementation I intend to be doing it twice a week.




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