Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

The Celoxis software is project management software suitable for users looking to support accounts in several fields for example, information technology (IT). In 2012, the software was ranked fifth in Project Management Report (“Celoxis: Online Project Management,” 2013). Project managers will find the tool their best bet given that it contains things such as interactive Gantt chart, project templates, portfolio management, among many others. This essay looks into the details of the Celoxis software, highlighting both its advantages and disadvantages. A table is also included to help in the analysis of the software in relations to its suitability for Mirage Training and Consultancy Company Limited.

Resource management capability is one of the highlights of Celoxis, and the company has a lot to experiment with this software. One interesting feature is the interactive resource load chart, which helps in management of vacation schedules, non-work hours, physical assets and several other aspects. Furthermore, the Celoxis software provides an effective project scheduler hence clients can predict a project implementation. This is a huge advantage because it gives the company a competitive edge in the bidding process. This is so considering its high ratings on accommodation of all project types and project information.

The Celoxis project management software is also very reliable for project collaboration. Mirage Training and Consultancy Company considers a good project management tool as one that helps in timely completion of tasks. This is the exact role played by this software. Celoxis is so good in bringing all team members together in way that is unachievable through the conventional file sharing and emails. The collaboration platform of this software also extends to clients, who enjoy provision of discussion forums, file sharing, approvals, and so on. Considering the client account is free, this software is a break from the norm where clients are required to pay for such services. There is one drawback though with the collaboration feature offered by the Celoxis software; it does not feature recurring tasks. Therefore, it may not handle a weekly meeting schedule.

With its customizable features, the Celoxis is very easy to use. These customizations include policy settings at the company level, shareable reports and multi-level role based security. As for any other software, management will need to do bit of discoveries but once they are accustomed, the software proves to be suitable for any kind of process. If project managers need some extra help with the working of the software, instructional videos are available. Other features project managers will find resourceful include the forums and full user guide.

For a project management tool in this age, compatibility is one very essential aspect. The Celoxis fulfils the compatibility requirement so perfectly, providing API’s for use by company users to create integrations. Such integrations are useful when a customer is using Salesforce or similar software. The PHP library on this project management software enhances the speed of code generation for PHP-dependent programs.

Another notable thing is that the software comes in several languages namely German, French, English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), and Portuguese. This might not be very instrumental because the company staff is mainly bilingual, with a blend of English and native languages.

The main thing that lacks for this software is a vendor with the relevant expertise in training and consultancy, which is the company’s field. This means that the firm is likely to have hitches when in need of on-going support such as maintenance and enhancements.

The Celoxis Project Management Software brings so much for a project manager in the IT field. Though it has several shortcomings depending on its application as this analysis reveals, the reliability of the software across many fields is good for project managers.


The Celoxis Project Management Software: Evaluation Report

Data Management Weight Tool # 1
Score Total
1 Easy to create, change, delete, and view projects and project data.  3  3  9
2 Accommodates all project types and project information  3  3  9
3 Supports entry of annotative comments and appending documents, images, and links for project documentation  1  2  2
4 Accommodates hundreds/thousands of projects  4 1  4
5 Supports data import from your existing systems and databases (e.g., planning, financial systems)  3  1  3
6 Supports data export to your existing systems and databases  2  1 2
7 Supports dependency links among projects  2  2  4
8 Provides data cut-and-paste, project cloning, and data roll-over  2  1 2
9 Provides completeness/error checks and data warnings  3  3  9
10 Allows multiple portfolios and portfolio hierarchies (parent-child links)  1  2  2
11 Allows dynamic portfolios (portfolios defined based on latest project data)  3  3  9
12 Provides search, filter, and sort  4  1  4
13 Provides data archiving  E  3 3E(15)
14 Provides statistical analysis of historical data (e.g., trend analysis) E  3  3E(15)
Governance and Security Weight Tool # 1
Score Total
15 Accommodates hundreds/thousands of users  3 1  3
16 Provides security (encryption), controlled access and change privileges, and audit trail (who changed what and when)  E  2 2E(10)
17 Provides PPM workflow guidance, status, and progress reporting  4  3  12
Displays and Reporting Weight Tool # 1
Score Total
18 Able to slice, dice, and aggregate data with ability to load and change aggregation hierarchies  2  1  2
19 Easy to generate useful, understandable, schedulable displays and reports  3  2  6
20 Provides dashboard views plus ability to drill down 0  3  0
21 Allows users to configure/customize/format views, graphs, and reports  0 3  0
22 Provides document management (document storage, read, save-as, check-in, check-out, version control, history, etc.)  3  2  6
23 Supports multiple languages and currencies  1  3  3
Communication and Collaboration Weight Tool # 1
Score Total
24 Supports mass communication and notification (via home page bulletin board, mass e-mails, etc.)  2  3  6
25 Provides targeted communication and notification (selective, rule-based notifications via e-mail)  1  2  2
26 Supports real-time group communication (e.g., on-line chats, discussion forums, instant messaging)  0  3  0
Help and Training Weight Tool # 1
Score Total
27 Tool delivered with training for installation and operation  2  3  6
28 Tool incorporates help features (e.g., mouse roll-over, documentation, educational videos, on-line training)  2  3  6
Delivery Weight Tool # 1
Score Total
29 Provides desired delivery platform (on-demand service, desktop installation, web-based, etc.)  3  2  6
30 Supports your server and workstation operating systems and database environment  E 3  3E(15)
Vendor Weight Tool # 1
Score Total
31 Vendor has expertise (in PPM, your industry, etc.)  3  1  3
32 Vendor can be counted on to provide on-going support (maintenance, enhancements, warranties, escrow policy, etc.)  2  1 2

Totals (this category):
Totals (all categories):

Source: Lee Merkhofer Consulting, 2008




Celoxis: Online Project Management Tool. (2013). Retrieved from (“Celoxis: Online Project Management,” 2013)


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