Race Ethnicity and Sports Discussion


Race Ethnicity and Sports Discussion

It is not doubtable that sports have become a significant tool of communication in the modern times. Sports have been a medium of convening emerging issues that portray the characteristic of people and the priorities of the people as well. On the other hand, there is a necessity to recognise the messages that are passed across and particularly to the young generation where sporting activities takes a major role. The young generation need to take on the challenge of their bigot thoughts as well as prejudices and adopt the virtue of respect in their various sporting activities (Agnew, 2001).

It is however notable that the 18th and the 19th century had the greatest accounts on the attempts to measure the existence of difference, which in actual sense was racism. From the times of the civil war periods where black and white people’s samples were believed to be different by the physicians. This was thought that even the black as well as the while people responded differently to certain diseases as well as difference in the susceptibility to the different conditions. While thinking that the difference in colour even had a difference in the body dimensions. By the 19th century, different aspects of the body had been take to describe different people such as the African American’s, the body parts were subject to analyses such as, Negro leg, Negro nose, Negro mouth. The differentiation was so eminent that not only one body part was subjected to such analyses but different organs were under critical evaluations to the characterisation of the different races.

In the sporting activities, it is important to note that the racial discrimination has had its way too. Due to the discriminations in the sports there have been some races that have not been able to realise their full potential in sports. It can be concluded that racism is purely a human invention.  Racism was created by humans for particular uses, and it is worthy to note that racism is has found its importance in the various aspects since its invention. On the other hand, most of the uses of racism have been destructive and negative. It is then important to think a way out of racism as human kind. Setting up stringent measures in racism would prove significant in the management of racism, especially in sport (Agnew, 2001).





Agnew, R. (2001). Building on the foundation of general strain theory: Specifying the types of strain most likely to lead to racism in sports. Journal of Research in racism in sports, 38.4, University of Chicago Press



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