Reasons for my desire to pursue this program


Reasons for my desire to pursue this program

The main reason why I desire to undertake this graduate program in finance is the fact that my years of experience in the financial sector combined with the initial knowledge and skills I acquired during my undergraduate degree have given me a good idea of an area I should specialize in. In my view the finance program being offered at NTU came up as the best fit with respect to a course that will make me a more valuable employee, member of society and also entrepreneur. These improvements will not just benefit me but the different people who will live and work alongside me.

The relationship between my academic and professional training experiences is a symbiotic one in that they have over time complimented each other adequately making them extremely valuable assets in my career in the financial sector. My undergraduate degree provided me with a firm foundation comprised of a concise presentation of the basic elements of the financial sector and the dynamics of how these interact in today’s Global economy as well as the more localized ones. I particularly got to develop an interest in finance- related policies. Since my grounding is in China, the policies that are enforced in governing financial transactions and negotiations.  The different job opportunities that I have had over the years have also added value to the material I came across in the undergraduate experience.

The academic knowledge I gained in university led me to jobs in the banking sector and these jobs have served to expand my horizons in as far as finance systems and their management are concerned. I say this because of the diligent manner that the Nan Chang university prepared and presented the Bachelor’s degree in International Economy and Trading. The hands on experience I got gave me a sense of direction when it came to my setting of professional goals and as a result, I chose to pursue these through the banking sector. Though not academic institutions, the different banks that I have worked in have taught me a great deal through the different positions that I have occupied over time. This is because each engagement came with a different set of responsibilities. As a loan audit officer I got exposed to the legal aspect of financial dealings as well as the dynamics of credit worthiness plus the way they affect the revenue of the banking system. I also got to learn about financial negotiations. Being a bank teller taught me a lot about quality customer service. Having had these roles in different organizations ensured that my exposure was wide and thorough.


My short term objectives include getting into a good university, the attainment of a Masters Degree in finance as well as ascending in the corporate ladder through job promotions. These short term objectives are meant to create a firm foundation for my long term objectives.

In the long run I aspire to be an authority in the field of financial management. This will give me the opportunity to become a respected financial consultant who will provide workable solutions to the individuals and organizations who seek my services. I also aspire to provide mentorship to the young and upcoming financial analysts of the future owing to the wide experience that I will have accumulated in both real world and academic scenarios.


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